2 Simple Way to Make Ration Card

Ration card is a very important document. It is a government document, which is used in many public places. Ration card is the need of all people in our country. It is also considered as proof of identity. When no one has an identity card, it is seen as an identity card.

Types of Ration Card

There are 3 categories of ration cards issued by the state government under the public distribution system. The state government offers this different card to different families according to their situation.

Extremely Poor – Antyodaya

Below Poverty Line – BPL

Above Poverty Line – APL

Extremely poor – Antyodaya – This card is given to the poorest family, whose income is not good, the yellow card is given to the unemployed and old people seeing the status of their family.

Below Poverty Line – BPL – In this category people below the poverty line fall, this card is for those whose income is less than 10,000. Blue, red, pink, colored cards are given to families below the poverty line.

Above Poverty Line – APL – The color of this card is orange, this card is given to the families above the poverty line. There is no maximum income set for this card.


2 Ways to Make a Ration Card

1) Make your Ration Card from Tehsil, district or other Government Place in The City

There is such a government place in your city, such as Tehsil / District Office or others .. where you can make ration card. You should take all the above mentioned documents there and make your ration card. Before going there, you should read from this page what are the documents required for ration card and the ration card required.

2) Make Your Ration Card online

We can also make our ration card online, the state government has made available the facility of separate website to make online ration card for all states. To make ration card online, one has to visit the official website of his state.

To make an online ration card, go to the official website of your state, after that go to that website, attach and submit all the necessary information and all the necessary documents in the application form to apply. The ration card will arrive on your given card within 15 to 30 days after applying.


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