Secure Your Mobile More Then Password

Technology is increasing day by day. Earlier, we used to rely on passwords to protect any of our technical devices, laptops, PCs and smartphones. But now even passwords get hacked easily. Therefore, smartphone maker companies have changed the old password system to biometric password. This biometric password is fingerprint scanner, facial recognition, voice recognition and Irish scanner etc. You also keep all these security features enabled in your smartphone. So that no one can use your phone without your permission.

Secure Your Mobile More Then Password

Voice Recognition: It can also be called speech recognition. With this security feature, your phone can be locked or unlocked only on specific words and your voice. Nowadays this technology is also used to give commands to mobile. In which you do not even need to press the keyboard button.

Fingerprint Scanner: Instead of locking your mobile with a password, use a fingerprint scanner instead. Because it is also very easy and it does not require much technical knowledge to enable it. If you put finger print security on the phone. So no one can use your phone without your will. If you want, you can also put a lock feature on a particular app, not in the whole phone.

Face Recognition: You can unlock your phone by Recognizing your face. This feature is very much liked by many people. In this feature, the Facial Feature Database digitally blends the user’s face with a 3D picture of any feed user, unlocking the phone. While enabling the Facial Recognition feature in some new latest phones, you are given a guide to rotate your face to the right and left to create a 3D scan of your face.

Iris Scanner: Technology as special and amazing as it is. Equally surprising is the iris pattern present in our eyes, retinal blood vessels. These vary from person to person. Therefore retinal scanning is a special kind of biometric technique. In which the blood vessels present in the retina and their unique patterns, each individual is identified differently. For this, the front camera present in the phone is used.

In this way you can easily lock your phone with fingerprint scanner, biometric technology, IS scanner and face recognition technology. All these features provide more security than password.


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