Some Unique Features of Google Drive

You have to have an email ID on Gmail to do A, now you click here to open Google Drive account or type in your browser.

How to use google drive

The biggest advantage of cloud computing is that you do not need to keep your computer, mobile, tablet and laptop with you at all times, you can get your files to any part of the world through internet / cloud computing computer, Apart from laptop, mobile, tablet has to download the application of Google Drive in Android, so that your mobile and mobile In Blet could also be used for Google Drive, for which you can download Gugl disk from Google Play. It is absolutely free.

You can upload your files to Google Drive even without downloading Google Drive, but they cannot be used in case of no internet, so must download Google Drive, so that they can be used in case of non-internet can go.

Download Google Drive to a mobile, tablet or computer and open it with the same email account you created Google Drive for the first time, when you open the same account on all your devices, you will get your files.


Attach File With Google Drive Attach Google Drive file with email

As you know, you can use any big file from Google Drive by uploading it anywhere in the world, along with that you can use these files as an attachment with Gmail. , Leam more

Keep Google Map offline like this

If you are going to such a place, where you need Google Map and there is no internet? So no problem, you can use Google Map offline, as well as prepare your custom map and save it on Google Drive or your computer – learn more

Use inbuilt free OCR

Optical character recognition Identifying the printed letters on a paper in direct language and converting them into text, so that they can be edited, for this you must have used many OCR. But there is a feature in Google Drive that will convert PDF and image files uploaded by you into automatic text, and can also keep them safe on the cloud.


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